Employment law is always changing. Developments follow each other in rapid succession due to statutory amendments, Supreme Court rulings, etc. What does this mean for your business?

Employment contracts

Stay up to date on the latest legal developments in the area of employment disputes, including dismissal (summary dismissal) and severance pay.

Salaries, wages and allowances

When is a wage freeze justified? And how do you avoid a wage sanction? Read our blogs, which clarify recent developments and rulings.

Days off and leave

How do you resolve a dispute about days off and special leave? And what do developments such as the temporary relaxation of early retirement rules mean for your employees?

Unfit for work

Stay up to date on the latest legal developments in areas such as burnout prevention, long-term sick leave and incapacity for work.


How should you manage a bankruptcy or a relaunch? For example, is the “pre-pack” method acceptable? And what is the extent of the re-employment obligation for employers?

Employee disputes

Is the allocation function a requirement for the existence of a temporary agency contract? And in which situations can an employment contract be dissolved?

Dismissal law

When does the reflection period for a termination agreement start? And what are the implications of the requirement of having it in writing in such a case?

Trade unions and work councils

What rights and obligations do works council members enjoy from an employment law perspective? And how does the European Works Council (EWC) relate to the local works council? You can read this and more in our blogs.


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