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Collective Dismissal? The CRNA Explained! - by Wouter Engelsman

CLINT | Littler Explains! Podcast Season 2 Episode 5 – Collective Dismissal? The Collective Redundancy Notification Act Explained! 

In Episode 2 of Season 5, podcast host Jasper Hoffstedde and one of his colleagues discuss an interesting topic in labor law. The listener receives easy and practical tips on how to handle challenging situations best.

Today, we present Episode 5: Collective Dismissal? The Collective Redundancy Notification Act Explained!– by Wouter Engelsman.

Wouter explores the scenario where an employer faces challenges necessitating termination of employment and he addresses the various factors to take into account when terminating employment on a large scale through collective dismissal. He delves into the complexities of collective dismissal, focusing on the Collective Redundancy Notification Act.

Join Wouter and Jasper as they discuss the general guiding principles of employment termination, the role of works councils, and insights into the Dutch Collective Redundancy Notification Act.

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About the author

Jasper Hoffstedde

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About the author

Wouter is a founding partner of CLINT. He studied state and administrative law at the University of Groningen and has been working actively as a lawyer since 1 January 2005. Before this he was a partner at HDK and was also working at HVG (EY), where he led the Amsterdam labor law division. Wouter has made multiple contributions in labor law handbooks, published in industry magazines regularly and is a frequent speaker at congresses and seminars.

Wouter Engelsman

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