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#3 – The Works Council Explained! – by Dennis Veldhuizen


Fresh from the audio press! CLINT | Littler Explains! – The Works Council Explained!

Every other week one topic of Dutch Employment & labor Law is discussed by podcast host Jasper Hoffstedde and one of his colleagues. The listener gets easy and practical tips on how to best handle difficult or tricky situations. Today we present to you episode #3 – The Works Council Explained! – by Dennis Veldhuizen

What is a works council?
A works council is an independent participation and co-determination body within the employer’s organization, meant to keep both the employer’s and employee’s interests in check. Companies durably employing 50 people or more, are obliged to install a works council. At the same time, many companies do not comply with this obligation out of a perceived fear of losing ability to act swiftly. As explained by Dennis, the opposite is mostly true, and, more importantly failing to set up a works council where there is a legal obligation to do so, may have even further reaching consequences in frustrating the decision making process.  

What is discussed?
In this episode, Dennis sheds light on the works council’s purpose and added value in the decision making process. For our US-based listeners, Dennis’ quick side-by-side comparison of union vs works council rights may be interesting. Furthermore all of the basics are explained: when and how do you set up a works council, when do you actually involve the works council, and who should serve as point of contact to the works council?

Where to listen?
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Show notes and additional information
Listed below you will find the show notes for this episode. For an interesting read on the matter by our today’s speaker we refer you to his blogposts.

00:01:10 – kick-off; short summary of what will be discussed

00:01:43 – what is a works council and what is its purpose?

00:02:18 – trade unions vs works councils; main differences

00:04:05 – works council’s rights: right to be consulted, give advice and give approval

00:06:11 – how is confidentiality in case of sharing company secrets ensured?

00:07:49 – works council’s point of contact and accountability

00:08:39 – electing the works council; who is eligible to vote and/or take a seat?

00:10:35 – protection against dismissal for the works council member

00:11:20 – importance and practical necessity of the work council

00:13:20 – 60 second recap; the works council is a legal obligation



About the author

Jasper Hoffstedde

+31 (0)6 280 24 654



About the author

Dennis is a founding partner of CLINT. He studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam and in 1999 he became a certified lawyer. Before Dennis joined CLINT in 2016, he was a partner at the law firm HDK and before that he worked at the Amsterdam office of Greenberg Traurig LLP, where he headed the labor law division.

Dennis Veldhuizen

+31 (0)6 261 12 757


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