Privacy Policy

CLINT B.V. (tradernaam ‘CLINT Lawyers & Mediators’, CLINT B.V. and ‘CLINT | Littler’, hereby known as ‘CLINT | Littler’, ‘us’ or ‘we’) finds your privacy very important. This means that your private information is safe with us.

In this privacy policy we will further clarify the following;

  • Which personal data we collect and how we collect it;
  • For which purposes and reasons we collect and process your personal data;
  • How long we store your personal and data and why;
  • Which third parties receive your personal data;
  • How your personal data and the processing thereof will be protected;
  • Your rights as involved party;
  • Our use of cookies;
  • How you can contact us;
  • How you can form a complaint with the supervisory authority;

Personal data

Personal data refers to any information on an identified or identifiable person within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (“AVG”). We may process the following personal data, among others:

  • Basic contact information (for example, first and last name, prefix, title);
  • Contact information (for example, email address, delivery address and telephone number);
  • Personal data about the device that you use to view the website (for example, IP address);
  • Website user personal data;
  • Personal data which you provide to us in connection with attending seminars or client events;
  • Personal data that you provide to us in your capacity as a job applicant (e.g. first and/or last name, date of birth, address, telephone number, nationality, marital status, etc.);
  • All other personal data relating to you that you provide to us or that we may obtain in connection with the purposes and on the basis of the principles set out below;

We collect the above mentioned data as it was provided to us. This can happen in different ways, for example the writing up of contracts with us, the inputting of information on the website or applying to open vacancies. We may also obtain your personal data from other sources, such as a third party, the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, the Land Registry or by using public sources.

Our website consists of hyperlinks to other websites of third parties and social media channels. CLINT | Littler takes no responsibility for the content of these websites or the services promoted on the social media channels. Likewise, CLINT | Littler is not responsible for the privacy policy and the use of cookies on the website and social media channels.

Purpose and processing

As a data controller in the sense of the AVG, we process personal data. We can use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To conduct our legal affairs;
  • To meet our judicial and legal responsibilities;
  • For marketing and business development activities, such as newsletters, invitations for events and other marketing communication that is can be important for you;
  • For the process of applications or de registering for one of our recruitment services and events;
  • For the generation of statistics for the use of the website and the analysis and improvement of the website;

Grounds for processing

We process your personal data based on one or multiple of the following bases from the AVG:

  • The execution of an agreement (e.g. the execution of an assignment contract on the basis of which we provide you with legal assistance);
  • The fulfilment of a legal obligation (e.g. verifying your identity under the WWFT);
  • Legitimate interest (to be able to invite you to our seminars and client events;
  • Your consent;

Sharing with others

For the purposes described in this Privacy Statement, we may share your personal data with entities to which CLINT | Littler is affiliated, including but not limited to Littler and Littler Global.

In certain cases, we may also share your personal data with third parties, including but not limited to:

  • Third parties relevant to the legal services we provide, such as counterparties, local attorneys, courts, regulatory authorities and government agencies;
  • Third parties, such as regulators and other agencies, to comply with legal obligations;
  • Third party suppliers in connection with the processing of your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement, such as ICT suppliers, communication service providers or other suppliers to whom we outsource certain support services.

The transfer of your personal data to the above-mentioned third parties takes place only for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Statement and only on the basis of the grounds mentioned in this Privacy Statement.

Third parties to whom we provide your personal data are themselves responsible for compliance with the privacy legislation. We are not responsible or liable for the processing of your personal data by these third parties. To the extent that a third party processes your personal data in the capacity of a processor of CLINT | Littler within the meaning of the AVG, CLINT | Littler shall enter into a processing agreement with such third party which meets the requirements set forth in the AVG.

In order to provide our services, it may be necessary for us to transfer your personal data to a recipient in a country outside the European Economic Area. In this case, we will ensure that such data transfer complies with the applicable laws and regulations.

Retention period

In line with the AVG we will store your personal data not longer than what is necessary for reaching the in this personal policy stated purposes whilst complying with the laws and regulations.


We have used suitable techniques and taken organisational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against loss, destruction, damage, alteration or disclosure of information. If you have any questions about the security of your personal data or if there are signs of misuse of information, you will immediately be requested to contact us via

Your rights

On the grounds of the AVG you as involved party have the following rights:

  • Pursuant to the right of access, you may request us to provide you with copies of the personal data we collect from you. We will comply with this request at all times, unless circumstances arise in which we are unable to comply with your request to provide copies of personal data, for example on the basis of our legal right to refuse to give access;
  • The right to rectification or improvement of your personal data, if these are incorrect or incomplete;
  • The right to removal of your personal data. We will comply with this at all times, unless circumstances arise in which we are obliged to retain your data in order to comply with our legal and statutory obligations;
  • The right to object to or request the restriction of the processing of your personal data. Again, circumstances may arise where we are legally authorised not to comply with your request;
  • Under the right to data portability, you have the right to receive your data in a structured, accessible and machine-readable form. In addition, you have the right to transfer this data to another controller;
  • The right to object to profiling;
  • The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (see below under the heading ‘Lodging a complaint’);
  • The right to withdraw consent. We will comply with this at all times, unless circumstances arise in which we are authorised to continue processing your data, in particular if processing is a requirement for compliance with our legal and statutory obligations.


We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small (text) files that are placed on your computer, tablet or other electronic device by a webserver when visiting a website. As the cookies is placed on your device, the webserver can recognise it. A cookie cannot start a programme of spread any viruses.

Cookies have a limited period of validity from the moment that they have been put on a device. After the period of validity has passed, the cookies will be removed by your browser. For some cookies, the session duration on the website is the same as the period of validity, but there are also other cookies that remain active for a longer period for example until the second visit to the website. We abide by our privacy policy when we receive  personal data through our cookies.  

You can block the use of cookies by changing the settings of your website browser. This can have a definitive effect on the functioning of the website.

The website does not use cookies for tracking or advertising. The following functional and analytical cookies can be places via the website without your prior consent:

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More information about cookies is available on

This privacy policy has been formed on 24 May 2018. We sustain our right to alter the privacy policy from our side. For this reason, we advise you to review the privacy policy regularly.


May your require any further information or have any questions or complaints about the processing your personal data, then you can contact us through writing via of CLINT | Littler, Jozef Israëlskade 48-F, 1072 SB Amsterdam.

Submitting a complaint

If you find that your personal data have not been handles appropriately by us, then we urge your to contact us by sending us an email to or by calling 020-8200 330. If we fail to help you accordingly, then you will always have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority. This is called the personal data authority.

By visiting you can read how to submit a complaint.