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#6 - Fixed Term Employment Explained! - By Wouter Engelsman


Fresh from the audio press! CLINT | Littler Explains! – Fixed Term Employment Explained!

Every other week one topic of Dutch Employment & labor Law is discussed by podcast host Jasper Hoffstedde and one of his colleagues. The listener gets easy and practical tips on how to best handle difficult or tricky situations. Today we present to you episode #6 – Fixed Term Employment Explained! – by Wouter Engelsman

Fixed term provides flexibility
The Dutch employment landscape has a thick flexible layer of close to 2.6 million employees, who are engaged on a fixed term basis. This may very well be the result of the absence of the employment at will doctrine and stringent dismissal laws for open ended employment contracts. For our US listeners, flexible, fixed term employment may sound like incomprehensible gibberish. In this podcast, Wouter sheds light in the dark and will ultimately have you vouch for flexibility.

What is discussed?
Wouter explains fixed term employment from A to Z. For what purposes and how do you conclude the contract, what are possibilities – and limitations – for a probationary period and what should you keep in mind with regard to the termination of the contract.

Where to listen?
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Show notes and additional information
Listed below you will find the show notes for this episode. For an interesting read on the matter by our today’s speaker we refer you to his blogposts.

00:00:50 – kick-off; short summary of what will be discussed

00:01:37 – fixed term employment contracts facilitate a flexible workforce, but what are its pitfalls?

00:02:32 – how to conclude the fixed term employment contract, two options for fixation

00:03:33 – extension of the fixed term is perfectly legal, but beware of the legal boundaries

00:04:57 – termination by operation of law; but don’t forget informing the employee timely

00:06:36 – automatic renewal as a result of continuation after termination, the dire consequence

00:09:15 – interim termination clauses in fixed term contracts

00:11:28 – possibilities and limitations to include a probationary period

00:12:18 – termination by mutual agreement

00:13:18 – 60 second recap and key takeaways



About the author

Jasper Hoffstedde

+31 (0)6 280 24 654



About the author

Wouter is a founding partner of CLINT. He studied state and administrative law at the University of Groningen and has been working actively as a lawyer since 1 January 2005. Before this he was a partner at HDK and was also working at HVG (EY), where he led the Amsterdam labor law division. Wouter has made multiple contributions in labor law handbooks, published in industry magazines regularly and is a frequent speaker at congresses and seminars.

Wouter Engelsman

+31 (0)6 810 51 925


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